Ice Pops

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Ice Pops


See what you can create


Set of 6 removable molds

Make a childhood classic using your own fresh juices, purees, and yogurt. Create up to six uniquely flavored ice pops at once. The easy-to-use removable pop molds are compact and fit in your freezer door. Each set includes a mold with six removable pops molds and six sticks with mess-free drip guards for tidier eating by little ones. BPA and phthalate free.


1 Ice Pop mold base, 6 removable molds, and 6 sticks with drip guards

How it works
Make homemade classic shaped ice pops at home by adding juice, yogurt, pudding, smoothies, chocolate, or your own creation. Once the pops are frozen, remove the individual mold from the base and run the mold under warm water until the ice pop releases.
ice-pops-step-1 ice-pops-step-1


fresh juice, fruit puree, yogurt, or pudding into removable molds

ice-pops-step-2 ice-pops-step-2


sticks into molds and place in freezer for 6+ hours

ice-pops-step-3 ice-pops-step-3


under hot water for 30–60 seconds and pull removable mold from frozen ice pop

ice-pops-step-4 ice-pops-step-4


your homemade traditional sized ice pops