Ring Pop Molds

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Ring Pop Molds


See what you can create


Set of 8 molds

Sparkle, shine, and dine with these wearable ice pop molds. Whether you want to pop the question or just enjoy a pop, this is the collection for you. Each set includes eight tasty jewels in your favorite flavors, including traditional gem and heart-shaped jewels. BPA and phthalate free.


1 Jewel Pop mold base, 8 Jewel Pops with 4 unique designs, and 8 handles with drip guards

How it works
Create ice pops, lollipops, chocolates, and more at home using your own fresh ingredients. Jewel Pops are easy to remove, refill, and clean. No need to run the mold under water, just pull to release and the mold inverts with a pop!
ring-pop-molds-step-1 ring-pop-molds-step-1


fresh juice into molds to make unique ring shapes and place in freezer for 6+ hours

ring-pop-molds-step-2 ring-pop-molds-step-2


to release and silicone mold inverts—POP! No rinsing required

ring-pop-molds-step-3 ring-pop-molds-step-3


your homemade ring-shaped ice pops and add sparkle to your day